About us

The Amazon Tree Diversity Network is an electronic network of 200 botanists, ecologists and taxonomists that share data and information on tree diversity in the pan-Amazon (Amazonia s.s. and the Guyana Shield). Our drive is to gain a better understanding of the processes that drive (patterns of) alfa- and beta-diversity in the region and, through this knowledge, contribute to better conservation strategies for the region. Currently we work with data from botanical 1-ha plots (and sometimes different sizes), forest inventories, and herbarium collections.

ATDN rules

Basic principle: data will be treated confidentially:

  1. Each researcher who contributes data is ATDN member
  2. Data is first and primarily for the use of ATDN members
  3. Each ATDN member, who contributed data to the database, will be contacted prior to analysis, will be able read the manuscript before submission and will given opportunity to be co-author on all papers for which his/her data is being used
  4. Your data will not be forwarded to anyone else without prior consent
  5. We will not publish raw plot data in online supplementary material
  6. In general plot data will not be visible separately, as all analyses are rather large-scale
  7. Members have the right to propose manuscripts, request data and lead-author research and papers

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