Project ideas that are being carried at out with ATDN data:


Neutrality, Ecology and Tree-Diversity in the Guianas. Lead: Olaf Bánki. PhD thesis Utrecht University. Thesis published 2010. Plot data from the three Guianas.

Towards an understanding of tree diversity in Amazonian forests. Lead: Juliana Stropp Carneiro. PhD thesis Utrecht University. Thesis published 2011. Plot data from three Guianas and Brazil.

Hyper-dominance of Amazonian Tree Flora. Lead: Hans ter Steege, Nigel Pitman, Daniel Sabatier, Chris Baraloto. Published in Science 2013. Published in Science 2013. 1170 plots across the Amazon.

Are all species necessary to reveal ecologically important patterns. Lead: Edwin Pos, Juan Ernesto Guevara. Published in Ecology and Evolution 2014. Selected plot data from Guianas and Ecuador.

Understanding Colombian Amazonian White Sand Forests. Lead: Maria Cristina Penuela Mora - PhD thesis Utrecht University. Thesis published in 2014.  Plot data from Colombia, Peru.

Low phylogenetic beta diversity and neoendemism in Amazonian white sand forests. Lead: Juan Ernesto Guevara. Paper published Biotropica 2016. Plots from white sand forests.

Estimating the global conservation status of more than 15,000 Amazonian tree species. Lead: Hans ter Steege, Bill Laurance, Carlos Peres, Juan Guevara, Tim Killeen, Nigel Pitman. Published in Science Advances 2015. ATDN wide plot data.

Phylogenetic diversity of Amazonian tree communities. Lead: Euridice Honorio. Published in Diversity and Distributions 2015. Mainly RAINFOR associated plots.

Species Distribution Modelling: Contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data. Lead: Vitor Gomes paper published in Scientific Reports 2017. ATDN wide data.

Persistent effects of pre-Columbian plant domestication on Amazonian forest composition. Lead: Carolina Levis. Published in Science 2017. Same date as Science 2013 (1170 plots).

Estimating migration parameters for Amazonian forests using spatially implicit and semi-explicit neutral models. Lead: Edwin Pos. Published in Ecology and Evolution 2017. Selected plot data from Guianas and Ecuador.

Scaling issues of neutral theory reveal violations of ecological equivalence for dominant Amazonian tree species. Lead: Edwin Pos. Published in Ecology Letters 2019. Selected plot data from Guianas and Ecuador.

Rarity of monodominance in hyperdiverse Amazonian forests. PI’s Hans ter Steege, Terry Henkel, Beatriz Marimon, Ben Hur Marimon-Jr, Daniel Sabatier. Published in Scientific Reports 2019. ATDN wide data.

Biased-corrected richness estimates for the Amazonian tree flora. PI’s Hans ter Steege (N=), Paulo Prado (USP). Manuscript submitted to Nature Ecology and Evolution, rejected and passed on the Scientific Reports. ATDN wide data.

Unravelling Amazon tree community assembly using Maximum Information Entropy. Lead: Edwin Pos. submitted 2019. ATDN wide data.


Compositional turnover between floodplain and upland forest reveals the Central Amazonian basin as a beta-diversity hotspot. PI’s Florian Wittmann, Ethan Householder. (KIT). Data was transferred and manuscript ideas with preliminary results have been circulated.

Maps of Amazon tree traits: All available plots at genus level. PI: Hans ter Steege (N=). Produce maps and estimated and observed community weighted means for all used plots. Manuscript idea has been circulated.

Contribution of local hydrology to the biogeography of the Amazon tree flora. Lead: Flavia Costa, Manuel Marca (INPA). Permission to use the plots has been sent. Data was transferred

Phylogenetic signal for environmental niche drives biogeographic patterns across the Amazon. Lead Fernanda Coelho de Souza, Kyle Dexter. Data was transferred.

Diversity and dynamics of the Colombian Tree Flora: Lead: Nicolas Castaño (Sinchi)  Uses mainly data collected by Sinchi staff and some data from adjacent countries

Trees from the alternative biome as links to past and future dynamics: Lead: Bernardo Flores, Carolina Levis. Permission to use the data has been requested in 2017. Data was transferred.

Climatic and dispersal filters drive phylogenetic turnover of Amazonian tree communities in Ecuador Lead: Juan Guevara (In review Journal of Ecology) (data: 40 ha plots from Ecuador Amazonia)

Decoupling the climatic imprint on the patterns of phylogenetic beta diversity along a longitudinal gradient in Amazon forest. In prep (120 one hectare plots from Ecuador, Nigel's plots in Peru, plots from Colombian Amazon and Brazilian plots from Charles Zartman). If possible would like more plots from Brazilian Amazon from Jutai to Manaus. Lead Juan Guevara.

Phylogenetic endemism in Amazon forests; using novel phylogenetic methods to detect priority conservation areas.  proposal sent to ATDN (no plots transferred yet). PI Juan Guevara.

Calculating a Metric of Lecythidaceae Species Dominance. Lead: Chris Dick, Beto Vicentini. Plots in a 1000km radius of Manaus. Data request was sent. Data will be transferred.

Rubber boom and hyperdominants. Lead: Crystal McMicheal. Data transferred

New potential distribution of geoglyphs across the Amazon. Lead: Carolina Levis, Vicinius Peripato Borges, Luiz Aragão.

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