Nearly 400 new plots were added since last year, when we hit the 1000 plot barrier.

Many new plots came from Brazil (Rafael Leandro de Assis, Rafael Salomao (who is our champion plot contributor now), Florian Wittman, Beatriz Marimon and team. Ima Vieira), French Guiana (Daniel Sabatier and team), Colombia (Dairon Cardenas), Ecuador (Juan Guevara), and many others.

The input of composition of 1159 plots was completed this year. The total known plot list contains 1369 plots (see latest map under news.

Data input was a tedious work and all names were checked against a taxonomic standard (Tropicos) with the aid of the Taxonomic Name Resolution Service (TNRS)

Our database now holds just under 160,000 records of species abundances by plot, 642,402 individuals. We have a litlle over 5200 valid species names and a host of morpho-species - one of our main challenges.

R course for Vegetation Analysis Quito

Hans ter Steege gave a course on the use of R for the Project Mapping the Vegetation in Ecuador. Ministery of the Environment, Quito.

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