Mega update of the tree diversity map.

The new tree alpha-diversity map is ready. With a total of 153 new plots, the ATDN plot database now holds 705 plots, for which at least tree alpha-diversity is know. Of the database, 534 Terra Firme plots were used for the new update.

The new update has benefited from new plot data provided by Carolina Volkmer and Bill Magnusson, both of INPA (72! 0.5-ha plots in Reserva Ducke), Olaf Banki (24 plots from fieldwork in the white sands areas of Suriname and Guyana), Samuel Almeida (18 plots from literature sources previously unnoticed), ter Steege et al (8 plots from the Lely Mts. Expedition, Suriname), Team Caxiuana (6 plots, communicated by Samuel Almeida), TEAM Manaus, communicated by Ieda Amaral (4 plots in ZF2 and ZF3, a more few plots await identification), Cid Fereira, INPA (2 plots in Reserva Campinarana), LBA (2 plots Flona Tapajos), Robin Foster and Hamilton Beltran (2 plots from Loreto, Peru), Jerome Chave (1 plot in southern French Guiana - finally again an extra plot in the southern Guianas - congrats Jerome), and a few from published sources.

New plots from Suriname and Guyana

Olaf Banki has continued his fieldwork. New plots were established in Suriname in the Bruynzeel and Kabo concessions, Bitagron, along the Nickery River and in Guyana in 24 Miles Reserve, Forest Training Centre Cuyuni, Forest Reserve Mabura Hill, Pibiri Forest Reserve and Iwokrama.

New plots from Brazil

Several new plots were communicated from Brazil. Ima Vieira made several of her plots available for the ongoing analyses from Para. Ieda Amaral contributed plots from Amazonas, Samuel Almeida contributed a variety of floodplain forest plots. More published plots were added as well.

New plots from Colombia

Maria Christina Penuela Mora established and contributed data from four new plots of Zafire, Colombia. Her PhD work in the area involves the ecology and biogeography of white sand forest in southern Colombia and adjacent Peru.

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