November 2005   Course on Biodiversity Assessment in Paramaribo and new plots in Suriname

Hans ter Steege, Marion Jansen Jacobs, Olaf Banki, Joelaika Behari, Gisla Ramharak, Gwen Landbrug and Paul Ouboter taught a course on biodiversity assessment and monitoring in Paramaribo, funded by the Tropenbos-Suriname Programme. Twenty five students and professionals attended the course. Fieldwork was carried out in the Brownsberg Nature Park, where apart from work on herbs, herps, and fishes, one new 1-ha plot was established.

September 2005    New plots in Suriname and Guyana

Olaf Banki has been carrying out fieldwork for over a year in Suriname en Guyana now. His PhD work on the composition and diversity of forests in the Guianas and its search for the tension between neutral composition and forces of ecology had him surveying many plots on white sand podzols and Terra Firme. At this point in time his work has yielded some 20 new plots scattered over the area.

July 2005   Course on Biodiversity Assessment in Manaus and 'new' plots in Brazil

Hans ter Steege, Carolina Volkmer de Castillo and Ieda Amaral organized a course on Assessment, Monitoring and Analysis of Tree Diversity at INPA, Manaus. The course was attended by 25 students, mainly from INPA's MSc programme but with some guests from as far as Belem and Mato Grosso. During the fieldwork in Reserva Ducke 1 new 0.5-ha plot was established. For the course assignments Carolina made 72 plots of her and Bill Magnusson's work available. Cid Ferreira made data of three plots from white sand Campinarana available, while Ieda Amaral added in a number of TEAM plots from the Manaus surroundings. After the course Samuel Almeida, of MPEG, passed on data of 6 TEAM plots from Caxiuana for ATDN.

July 2005   New plots from Suriname

Bart de Dijn, Joelaika Behari-Ramdass and Frits van Troon carried out an expedition to Tafelberg in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve and established 3 plots on the plateau of this low (1024 m) table mountain.

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