December 2003 Great news for NHN-Utrecht - two PhD grants awarded

Two PhD grants 'Neutrality, Ecology and Tree-Diversity in the Guianas' and 'Developing theory for the use of botanical specimen data in biodiversity research' made it through the final round of WOTRO (Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research) and have been approved for funding.

December 2003 New plots in Guyana established

Hans ter Steege, Olaf Banki established four 1-ha plots in Charabaru, in the Berbice area in central Guyana. The work was sponsored by Variety Woods Ltd. And supported by the Guyana Forestry Commission. Two plots were in white sand forest, two in brown sand forest. All four had very low diversity, typical for the Berbice Formation forests of central Guyana and a high percentage of Guianas endemics (c.57% of the individuals) and strict Guyana endemics (17% of all ind.).

November 2003 New plots in Suriname

Hans ter Steege, Olaf Banki and Surinamese colleagues inventoried eight 1-ha plots in Brownsberg Nature Park (BNP), Suriname. The project was sponsored by WWF-Suriname, Suralco and Stinasu. The first plot on the plateau showed the highest tree alpha diversity of Suriname - good news for BNP. 

November 2003 New plots in Bolivia

Tim Killeen provided data of 21 new plots for the January 2004 map. The total sum of new plots, to be used in the Jan 2004 update now amounts to 64.

October 2003 Virtual tree guide of the Guianas website published

We are happy to announce the publication of the Virtual Tree Guide of the Guianas. The production of this Guide was made possible by the kind donations of the "Van Eeden-fonds", the "Alberta Mennega Stichting" and "The Van Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Protection.
Paddy Haripersaud has been working very hard in the Herbarium to get al images ready before an asbest renovation was to take place here. In the mean time all the image manipulation is now ready and we constructed the first website for the VTGG yesterday afternoon.

October 2003 "Of Primates and Trees"

Carlos Peres and Hans ter Steege compared spatial patterns of primate richness and of tree species diversity and discussed venues of combining mammal datasets with tree data sets.

July 2003 Virtual tree guide of the Guianas funded

The Alberta Mennega Stichting, Stichting het Van Eeden-fonds and van the Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Conservation, jointly sponsored a small grant to establish the first Virtual Tree Guide of the Guianas. At present over 4000 species (with a potential to grow over 10 cm in our plots) have been imaged and are being processed by Padddy Haripersaud. The images will be available on CD and through w website that will be developed later this year.

July 2003 ATDN talk at ATBC conference

In a symposium organised by Oliver Phillips and Tom Larcher at the yearly conference of the Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation, Hans ter Steege gave a presentation on behalf of the ATDN. The immediate result was the inclusion of two new e-members to our network: Pablo Stevensen, who contributed plots and expertise from Colombia and Martin Quigley who contributed one plot from the dry forest of southern Guyana.

July 2003 PANAMAZONIA funded

July brought great news, when the PANAMAZONIA proposal was funded. Budget negotiations took off immediately and a kick off meeting was immediately planned for early next year.

February 2003 New plot in French Guiana

Hans ter Steege, Olaf Banki, Daniel Sabatier, Jean_Francois Molino, Marie-Francoise Prevost and Raphael Pellisier established 1 ha plot in the Mts. de Kaw in French Guiana. The Kaw area is super humid with over 4m of rain annually. The plot had extremely high diversity for Guianan standards with close to 160 spp.

January 2003 New plots in Suriname

Hans ter Steege and Olaf Banki and colleagues from Suriname established six 1-ha plots in Nassau Mts. in Suriname. With these plots the three highest diversity plots for Suriname were established with over 145 spp. / ha.

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