Maximising Synergy among Tropical Plant Systematists, Ecologists, and Evolutionary Biologists

Baker et al 2017. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 32: 258-267. DOI: j.tree.2017.01.007

Closer collaboration among ecologists,  systematists,  and evolutionary  biologists working in tropical forests, centred on studies within long-term permanent plots, would be highly beneficial for their respective fields. With a key unifying theme of the importance of vouchered collection  and precise identification of species, especially rare ones, we identify four priority areas where improving links between these communities  could achieve significant  progress in biodi- versity and conservation science: (i) increasing the pace of species discovery; (ii) documenting species turnover across space and time; (iii) improving models of ecosystem  change;  and (iv) understanding  the evolutionary  assembly  of communities  and biomes.

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