Project ideas that are being carried at out with ATDN data:

Neutrality, Ecology and Tree-Diversity in the Guianas. Lead: Olaf Bánki. PhD thesis Utrecht University. Thesis published 2010.

Towards an understanding of tree diversity in Amazonian forests. Lead: Juliana Stropp Carneiro. PhD thesis Utrecht University. Thesis published 2011.

Hyper-dominance of Amazonian Tree Flora. Lead: Hans ter Steege, Nigel Pitman, Daniel Sabatier, Chris Baraloto. Published in Science 2013. Published in Science 2013

Understanding Colombian Amazonian White Sand Forests. Lead: Maria Cristina Penuela Mora - PhD thesis Utrecht University. Thesis published in 2014.  

Estimating the global conservation status of more than 15,000 Amazonian tree species Lead: Hans ter Steege, Bill Laurance, Carlos Peres, Juan Guevara, Tim Killeen, Nigel Pitman. Published in Science Advances 2015.

Are all species necessary to reveal ecologically important patterns. Lead: Edwin Pos, Juan Ernesto Guevara. Published in Ecology and Evolution 2014.

Phylogenetic diversity of Amazonian tree communities. Lead: Euridice Honorio. Published in Diversity and Distributions 2015.

Low phylogenetic beta diversity and neoendemism in Amazonian white sand forests. Lead: Juan Ernesto Guevara. Paper published Biotropica 2016.

Tree occurrence and Climate change in western Amazonia. Lead: Adriane Esquivel Muelbert - PhD project, started in 2012. One paper published in Ecography.

Species Distribution Modelling: Contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data. Lead: Vitor Gomes paper submitted to Scientific Reports 2017

Update of composition and functional gradients and forests types across the Amazon. Lead: Hans ter Steege, Jesus Aguirre, Chris Barlaoto. Ongoing.

Fruit and seed database of Amazonian Trees. Lead: Daniel Sabatier, Pablo Stevenson, Ima Vieira, Hernan Castellanos.Ongoing.

Phylo-beta diversity of Lecythidaceae. Lead: Juan Ernesto Guevara - PhD project. Ongoing.

Understanding the world’s most diverse forest: A model of beta diversity for the Amazon. Lead: Edwin Pos - PhD Project.. Ongoing.

The legacy of landscape domestication by pre-Columbian people on current Amazonian forest. Lead Carolina Levis - PhD project. Ongoing.

Mono-Dominance in forests in the Amazon. Lead: Daniel Sabatier, Beatriz S. Marimon, Ben-Hur Marimon Jr. Now a MSc project at Naturalis carried out by Nora Helal. Ongoing.

Diversity of floodplain forests across the Amazon. Lead: Florian Wittmann, Jochen Schöngart, Maria Teresa Piedade. Ongoing.

Predicting tree species distribution of hyperdominant Amazon trees using a functional trait based model. Iris Hordijk, Hans ter Steege. Proposal submitted.

Tree diversity in the Colombian Amazon Lead: Nicolas Castanho, PhD project. Ongoing.

Modelling diversity in the Amazon. Lead: Vitor Freitas. PhD project. Ongoing.

Phylogenetic signal for environmental niche drives biogeographic patterns across the Amazon. Lead: Kyle Dexter. Ongoing.

Phylogenetic endemism in Amazon forests; using novel phylogenetic methods to detect priority conservation areas. Lead: Juan Guevara.

Biogeography of the Amazon. Lead Hans ter Steege, Alex Antonelli, Alex Zizka, Hana Tuomisto. requested.

Barcoding the Amazon. In its infancy. The hope is that wit concerted effort in the network we can barcode as many tree species from our plots as possible, to enhance our taxonomy, identify species and even in the case of indets, being able to analyze data in a phylogenetic and ecological perspective.

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