November-December  2004    New Plots from the Suriname

Hans ter Steege, Olaf Banki, Marion Jansen, Gisla Ramharakh and Kenneth Tjon and collaborators carried out a Botanical and ecological expedition to Lely Mts. Suriname. In terms of tree alpha-diversity Lely Mts. plots are fairly comparable with those of Brownsberg Nature Park (BNP) and Nassau Mts. The average Fisher’s alpha for the Nassau plots was 53.40, for BNP 57.12 and for Lely 55.81 (excluding the mountain savannah forest plot). Thus, all plateaus and their surroundings have high diversity compared to most lowland forests plots in western Suriname and Mapane. At this moment the plots at Lely Mts. Include both the plot with the highest and lowest diversity in Suriname. The plateaus are also
comparable in terms of their species richness based on a preliminary analysis of the botanical
collections made so far.

April  2004    New Plots from the Ecuadorian Amazon

Hugo Mogollon contributed data of another eight new plots from the Amazon of Ecuador. As Hugo remarks "they have atypical number of species, about a half that we usually found in Yasuni", but nevertheless they are quite rich plots.

April  2004    New Plots from the Colombian Amazon!

Adriana Prieto and Augustin Rudas contributed data from 4 new plots from Amacayacu NP, close to Leticia, Colombia. These plots fill an important gap in an area previously uncovered by our map.

March  2004    New West Amazonian Plots

Nigel Pitman et al. communicated 7 new plots from Ecuador and Peru. The total score of plots now stands at 43 for Ecuador and 86 for Peru. Time to check how our plot base compares against land area:

In terms of land area winners are the three Guianas and Ecuador, relatively small countries with relatively high input. However In Brazil, Bolivia and Peru (and Ecuador) much of the land area is not covered by tropical rain forest. Last column corrects for this. Now the scores are relatively similar, except for Brazil and Colombia, both large countries with huge inaccessible tracts of forest left.

February 2004    New Floodplain forest plots

Joachim Addis of the Max-Planck-Institut Fuer Limnologie submitted a publication and data for 1 extra floodplain forest on the confluence of Amazon and Rio Negro.

February 2004    Western-Amazonia regains lead position in tree alpha-diversity

Between October 2003 and February 2004, 88 new plots were submitted to ATDN. The new maps and other results that were calculated with the new data set and derived models can be found on New Diversity Maps 2004

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